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Thank you all for your testimonials!

Eljia – Student in Law and Political Science

The few minutes I needed to read Balles Neuves were not wasted, on the contrary, they allowed me to understand that I also deserved to be happy. Thank you Isabelle for contributing to this click that allows me, at 24, to start my life with the right recipe. What I wish for every student, every teenager, every young professional regardless of their history because the key we all seek is in Balles Neuves.

Stéphanie and Eléanor

Balles Neuves allowed us to talk about our small or big problems, to become aware of them, to exchange, to see what was wrong in our daily lives… and to start again on the right foot, boosted to the max.
A unique moment of mother-daughter sharing.
Highly recommend!!!

Sophie – Therapist – Avignon

A simple, crystal-clear method.
So obvious that it is disconcerting.
I practice it every day.