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The Balles Neuves method

The method Balles Neuves is an invitation to question yourself quickly, easily and playfully. The idea is to accompany you to trigger awareness. With these mindful observations, it will then be possible to redefine your goals with objectivity and clarity of mind by involving yourself in the development of a vision board.

The key to your success, both personally and professionally, is to involve your emotional system in the service of your projects.

For company founders enrolled in Pôle Emploi.

The conference

It is an essential moment to anchor the concepts of the Balles Neuves book. It is a time when speech is liberated, when we begin to reintroduce possibility into our projects and give scope to our goals. It is the logical continuation that allows us to understand the importance of working on yourself.

It is a passport to get moving, dare, disrupt the routine, understand the impact of emotions, reflex attitudes, observe them and correct them.

The Balles Neuves workshops

They consist of 4 sessions of 3 hours each:

The concepts

The first workshop ensures that we are on the same page and that the concepts are well understood. Launch of challenges, opening up possibilities.

The vision

During the second workshop, participants present the first draft of their goals in visual form. It’s a time for re-drafting and expanding concepts.

The action

The third workshop finalizes the vision board. Everything must be clear and become ’emotional’. This is a key step before starting the 21-day program.

The assessment

The fourth workshop is an assessment that will answer participants’ questions. It is a follow-up that can also take place over time if necessary.



We offer an intensive 2-day workshop to allow you complete immersion in your goals. A great way to stay focused.


We offer a 5-day retreat in France or abroad with a fitness program, yoga, meditation, various speakers depending on the chosen theme, etc. Ideal for those who need to disconnect and reconnect before starting the Balles Neuves program.


Balles Neuves provides a common guideline for your employees. We’ll tailor the program to your objectives and the number of candidates.