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What if it was time to return to common sense and humor about oneself?
Quickly, playfully and above all without any headaches, Balles Neuves confronts you with your “today” to help you reinvent your “tomorrow”.

What will you feed your life with? Only you can decide.
Do you really want to continue being just a poor wretch, a victim of others and circumstances? Yes? No? You are free to answer this question now.

In just a few pages, full of the obvious, Balles Neuves invites you to rewrite your life so that it becomes the most beautiful of stories.
A rendez-vous with oneself not to be missed!
So, countdown?
Welcome to you!

Balles Neuves – Le livre



Michel Sebban – Founder and President of the FITEC Group – Reskiller

“Balles Neuves simply and effectively guides us to find the keys to our own success. I recommend that everyone immerse themselves in it.”

Véronique Raguénès – Communications Director – Job Fairs

“How to look at life and its concerns from a different angle? You’ll feel lighter after reading this book!”

Xavier Dennery – Founder and President of the H2B group

“As simple and effective as a tennis ace! Here’s a recipe that’s accessible to everyone, in the form of a little notebook brimming with positive energy and joy, just like its author.”